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  • Rani Jarkas | Consumer Trends in the Chinese Market for Medical Food Supplements

    What Chinese People Want in Health and Wellness Products Some people need to eat certain foods for medical, disease, or lifestyle reasons. There are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and low-calorie choices in this market. People are buying more specialty foods because they care about their health and diet. Why Traditional Chinese […]

  • Rani Jarkas | Geopolitical Insights from Davos 2024

    Regarding Davos and the World Economic Forum The World Economic Forum DAVOS conference, which takes place every year, is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cooperation between the public and private sectors. The World Economic Forum Meets Annually This Annual Meeting is expected to be attended by over a […]

  • 一带一路:从贝鲁特到北京 赛德思集团董事长接受中央电视台采访

    第三届“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛期间,赛德思集团董事长Rani Jarkas(王雷)受邀参加企业家大会,并接受包括CCTV、新华社和环球时报等众多权威媒体采访。赛德思集团成立于2001年,是一家瑞士全球金融集团,专业从事私人财富管理、投资管理和投资银行服务。 会后,Rani Jarkas(王雷)接受了中央电视台的采访,他表示:“我非常期待此次纪念‘一带一路’倡议十周年的具有里程碑意义的峰会。这将为中外企业带来更多的合作机会、使更多人受益”。他认为,“一带一路”倡议重振并重新构建了连接亚洲、欧洲和非洲文明的历史丝绸之路贸易路线。通过丰富的贸易和文化交流历史,促进各国间的连接性和共同传统。 自“一带一路”倡议启动以来,赛德思一直积极投资于沿线各国的战略项目,特别是印度尼西亚。赛德思赞扬“一带一路”倡议在过去十年中对全球社会经济的积极影响,符合“人类命运共同体”的愿景。赛德思将继续在“一带一路”沿线国家寻找有吸引力的资本部署机会,包括数字“一带一路”带来的投资机会。 “‘一带一路’倡议已进入新阶段,更加强调高质量增长和可持续性,因此我非常看好其前景。与此同时,中国正在进行经济转型,将成为新经济领域(IT、新能源、纳米技术、医疗健康等)无可争议的领导者,这一新阶段强调了低碳基础设施、环境保护和可持续业务的重要性。我对‘一带一路’在新阶段取得成功、实现合作共赢并构建人类命运共同体充满信心。” 据悉,赛德思将继续增加对包括中国在内的“一带一路”沿线国家的投资。2023年初,赛德思宣布将在中国大陆投资10亿元人民币,重点关注药物开发、试管婴儿、纳米技术设备、肿瘤学和人工智能技术等领域。此外,赛德思还致力于通过今年早些时候设立两只私募股权基金,促进中国大陆医疗健康和创新技术领域的发展,并与“一带一路”沿线国家合作实现共赢。 Source: http://www.fhlxsc.cn/yaowen/98813.html

  • What Is The Role Of A Financial Advisor?

    In What Manner Does A Financial Advisor Assist Esteemed Clients? A distinguished financial advisor graciously aids esteemed clients in the artful craft of formulating grandiose strategies for the augmentation of wealth and the judicious management of risk. One can utilise these tools to effectively oversee, monitor, and harmonise their array […]

  • An Exquisite Introduction, FAQs, The Art of Selecting One

    The Services Offered And Quality Of Self-Reliance The esteemed advisor is obliged to divulge the array of services they offer, encompassing the crucial aspect of their independence, or lack thereof. In accordance with the esteemed guidelines that govern the conduct of financial counsellors, it is imperative to acknowledge that the […]

  • The World Of Money Management And Investment Advice

    Get Ready To Rock Those Money Moves A financial advisor is like a financial superhero, swooping in to save the day by helping clients make smart money moves and reach their financial goals. So, picture this: a suave Financial Advisor in the bustling city of Hong Kong, hobnobbing with clients […]

  • What Constitutes The Realm Of International Banking?

    Revealing The Enigmatic Enigmas Of Global Banking Unveil the enigmatic realm of global banking and immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Swiss bank accounts! Reveal the Enigmatic Treasure: Unearth the Opulence of Overseas Financial Endeavours! Unleash the Enigmas: Embark upon a captivating journey into the enigmatic realm of Esoteric […]

  • Why Allocate Resources To Sustainable Energy Sources

    Why Engage In The Pursuit Of A Pristine Energy Investment Pray tell, what precisely does Renewable Energy entail? Renewable energy, my dear interlocutor, encompasses a splendid array of energy forms that graciously grace our bountiful natural environment, ever ready to be replenished time and time again. Forsooth, solar energy doth […]

  • The Profitability Of Investing In Biotechnology

    The Exquisite Teachings Of Biotechnology Throughout its illustrious three decades of existence, the Biotech industry has managed to allure a staggering sum of capital surpassing a remarkable $300 billion in the enchanting city of Hong Kong. This investment is founded upon the conviction that Biotech shall indeed revolutionise the realm […]

  • What Precisely Constitutes Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy May Be Acquired Actively Or Passively The gentle zephyr, the radiant sunbeam, and our beloved planet Earth are veritable founts of inexhaustible energy. These energy sources doth naturally renew or replenish themselves. The ethereal dance of wind, the radiant embrace of sunlight, and the majestic interplay with our […]