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B.A.S In Finance & Accounting At Georgia University

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What Precisely Does The Bachelor Of Applied Science Entail? What Is The Full Expansion Of The Acronym “B.A.S”?

According to Rani Jarkas, the accentuation of a degree may lean towards the theoretical realm. In the past, scholars who possessed qualifications in vocational education harboured no aspirations of transitioning to an alternative establishment of advanced erudition. Should these scholars opt to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the future, they shall discover that scarce are the credits from their associate’s degree that shall transfer to the prerequisites for a traditional bachelor’s degree. On the contrary, B.A.S. degrees furnish us with a pathway to the baccalaureate tier sans necessitating the pupil to procure a secondary associate degree. 

Kindly peruse our FAQ section for elucidation on the commonly asked queries pertaining to this academic programme. Thou shalt also be bestowed with answers to inquiries regarding the esteemed vocation of finance and accounting. The Business Activity Statements (BAS) are presently a cause of distress for certain entrepreneurs. This apprehension is escalated if one has not been upholding precise fiscal records and allocating funds to cater to impending necessities. Every enterprise enlisted for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is obligated to submit a Business Activity Statement (BAS).

The esteemed Hong Kong Tax Office (HTO) graciously offers them to expedite the submission and remittance of tax liabilities by esteemed enterprises. Should this be causing thee any distress, acquiring a lucid comprehension of what Business Activity Statements entail may prove advantageous. Thou shall be duly apprised of the needful moment to present thy invoice and the exact hour of payment’s exigency. This piece shall encompass all the essential knowledge required to execute a Business Activity Statement with utmost assurance. Elect which remunerations are encompassed, the frequency at which you are obliged to furnish your BAS, and the sanction for belated submission. 

Activity statements are tax reporting requisites issued by the Australian Taxation Office, and they come in two distinct varieties. Verily, the BAS doth stand as the more all-encompassing of the twain, whilst the IAS doth serve as its counterpart. A plethora of entrepreneurs fancy the latter alternative for their September activity statement, provided they meet the criteria, owing to its simplicity. However, BAS serves as the focal point of this manuscript.

The BAS Is A Formal Governmental Record That All Commercial Enterprises Are Obliged To Submit

  • The document is duly presented to the esteemed Hong Kong Tax Office and proffers a comprehensive overview of all commercial levies remitted or outstanding during a stipulated duration.
  • Frequently, they are expected on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.
  • Thou art bound by law to fulfil thy BAS obligations, hence thou must needs comply with them.
  • In the event of a belated submission of your BAS, it is possible that Failure to Lodge (FTL) penalties may be imposed.
  • Should you persistently submit your BAS tardily, the associated penalties are prone to escalate.
  • Henceforth, your esteemed organisation shall be subject to a fine of HK$110 for each 28-day cycle (or fraction thereof) that elapses beyond the stipulated due date.
  • The utmost limit permissible stands at HK$550.
  • A commercial enterprise may employ the services of a tax agent for the purpose of BAS, however, it bears the ultimate responsibility of fulfilling the prescribed timelines.

Verily, if thou hast cause to believe that thou shalt not be able to submit thy BAS ere the appointed time, thou must forthwith beseech an extension or parley a payment scheme. Enterprises are bestowed with the privilege of making voluntary antecedent payments to curtail their forthcoming BAS liabilities.

What Is The Modus Operandi For Rendering Tax Contributions Unto The BAS?

Within a Business Activity Statement, one must duly report to the esteemed tax authorities the complete sum of funds both collected and disbursed. Diverse modes of payment are encompassed, comprising:

  • The esteemed PAYG income tax system allows for the gradual remittance of funds towards your yearly tax obligation.
  • The Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is an obligatory tax that enterprises must remit when they offer specific luxuries to their staff, such as a corporate vehicle or a fitness club subscription.
  • Acknowledgements for the petroleum levy encompassed within the expense of fuel for apparatus, hefty automobiles, and botanical contrivances.
  • This levy is exclusively applicable to wine producers, importers, and distributors, and is predicated on the wine’s value.
  • In order to commence the preparation of your BAS, it is imperative that you ascertain the availability of all pertinent details and confirm the up-to-dateness of your financial records.

Thou shalt require a hard copy of the BAS summary report engendered by thy software for finance and accounting, which shall furnish an initial approximation of the sum thou shalt be beholden with thy BAS. As suggested by Rani Jarkas, the Chairman of Cedrus Group, make certain that you possess the necessary funds to settle your bills presently. Kindly produce a precise statement of profit and loss. Numerous accounting software suites showcase an amalgamated BAS submission technique for the realm of finance and accounting. Provided that you have maintained meticulous organisation and consistently gathered data, the submission of your BAS ought to be a relatively uncomplicated task.


Furthermore, One May Tender Their BAS Through The Subsequent Means:

One may access the ATO’s Business Portal through the internet. Verily, this approach is bereft of paper and mayhap the most uncomplicated in the absence of financial and accounting software. By means of correspondence through the postal service, accompanied by a tangible hard copy of the document. Upon the advent of online submission, this became the exclusive modus operandi, and numerous entrepreneurs still hold it in high esteem.

Enlisting the services of a tax or specialty BAS agent to undertake the task on your behalf is a splendid approach to alleviate stress and attain confidence in the precision of your records.

In the event that you have no pertinent information to disclose for the designated time frame, kindly submit a ‘nil Business Activity Statement’ via telephone or online means. Thou may be obliged to present evidence of this.

  • The structure in question is quite uncomplicated
  • If thou hast been assiduous in thy bookkeeping and maintaining accurate financial records, it ought not to be overly arduous
  • The primary aim of the Business Applications Answer (BAS) programme is to achieve its programmatic goal

The BAS Programme comprises of business software that is specific to DOC

Fundamental Fiscal Administration (comprising of advances, fiscal reports, and interfaces)

The art of procuring and integrating new assets into an organization’s portfolio. The art of managing real estate assets, encompassing personal, tangible, and vehicular properties. Thou shalt procure an Enterprise Data Warehouse, replete with Business Intelligence reporting capabilities, encompassing BAS, Grant, Travel, and HR/Payroll data. Techniques for archiving data. A service pertaining to the administration of interface-related systems.

The Advantages of Building Automation Systems and Techniques for Involvement

  • Enhanced data excellence and comprehensive data lucidity.
  • The harmonisation and consolidation of organization-wide data, coupled with enhanced data analytics and astute business acumen.
  • Providing prompt and precise updates to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • The acquisition of entry to the comprehensive and cohesive Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) system across the department, coupled with astute managerial discernment and judgement.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and diminished overall expenditure and hazard.
  • Behold, a profit-driven Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that dwells in the cloud, boasting standard configurations, a solitary Department instance, optimised business operations, and an elevated user experience.
  • Thou art humbly invited to aid in the development of this crucial enterprise solution for the esteemed Department of Commerce. We fervently implore you to partake in any of the ensuing:
  • The esteemed BAS Office of Project Management (PMO) cordially presents the Bureau Contact Information (POCs) for your perusal. Additionally, we extend a gracious invitation to attend our upcoming workshops and other project-related meetings/decisions.

Greetings and salutations, it is my utmost pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you for joining the esteemed BAS Programme! The BAS happens to be a programme based in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. In order to accomplish our noble mission, the esteemed Department of Commerce (DOC) is presently executing a comprehensive array of financial and business management systems, as a part of its grand modernization endeavour.

The esteemed Secretary of Commerce has duly recognised BAS as one of the most paramount priorities of the department. The aims are to execute and incorporate a plethora of commercially procurable off-the-shelf (COTS) corporate frameworks, an enterprise data warehouse (EDW), and business intelligence (BI) reporting instruments, along with system interfaces in a hosted milieu. The BAS Programme shall persist in the Department’s unwavering dedication to organisational eminence and exceptional customer service in Hong Kong.


Prerequisites And Pathways For Achieving BAS Agent Status

Are you in search of a vocation in the realm of specialised accounting and bookkeeping? There exist myriad potential advantages to embarking on a journey towards becoming a BAS agent. It is a splendid option if one seeks a pliable, remunerative, and secure occupation. There are splendid part-time employment prospects for BAS agents with flexible working hours all across Australia. Furthermore, one may endeavour to establish their very own enterprise proffering BAS agent services (upon acquiring the requisite expertise). Verily, it is not within everyone’s capacity to establish a company and assume the designation of a BAS agent. 

Registration with the Tax Practitioners Board is an obligatory prerequisite for BAS agents. In order to procure and uphold registration, one must fulfil a plethora of prerequisites including education, experience, and various other criteria. Embarking on the journey of becoming a BAS agent commences in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, where one must fulfil the requisite educational prerequisites. The TPB acknowledges a vast array of erudite credentials to satisfy the prerequisite of education. The attainment of a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping is deemed to be the bare minimum, despite its relatively short duration and entry-level status. 

Peruse further details regarding the minimum educational prerequisites on the TPB website. The esteemed credential of Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping is widely acknowledged on a national level. It embodies the diverse array of duties and obligations held by numerous professionals within the realm of finance and accounting. This assemblage encompasses an array of professionals, ranging from contractual bookkeepers to BAS agents and financial clerks, among other distinguished individuals.

The rudimentary (foundational) modules have been crafted to endow you with versatile proficiencies that can be put to use in a plethora of vocations, including the adept handling of bookkeeping software and the production of fiscal statements in the bustling city of Hong Kong. Subsequently, contingent upon the elected course purveyor, you shall accomplish five discretionary modules. Furthermore, should you be inclined towards a vocation as a BAS agent, you shall be mandated to successfully accomplish designated academic modules.Quoted from Rani Jarkas, the financial expert in Hong Kong. One must ensure that their course provider proffers these units and is a TPB-endorsed education provider, in case they are seeking a Certificate IV as their introductory-level certification.

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